Austria Certified Guides

Wolfgang Auinger: Coffee Houses and Wine Taverns belong to Vienna like St. Stephens Cathedral, Sisi and Schönbrunn. Despite Lipican Horses and the Boys Choir, Vienna is more than an open air museum. It must have been a special herb that has made so many personalities create their masterpieces right here, and that made Vienna to the world´s most comfortable metropolis. Is it the wine, the coffee, the sweet delicacies, the climate, the music, the Viennese sense of humor or the golden heart of the Viennese? Come along with me. We will find an answer.

Margaret Wohlfarter: The various faces of Vienna impressed me since I moved to Vienna. This City offers something for everyone, the imperial past, the cultural monuments, the traditional Coffeehouses or the wine taverns. On request, I would be pleased to show you Vienna by bicycle. Eighter across the center, around the Ring or along the famous "Praterallee" all the way to the Danube Island or the "Old Danube". You will discover places which would have remained undiscovered with a classical city tour

Klaus Schmidt: I have admired the city from the breezy hights of an office building for 30 years, that is situated on the place where the Danube-Waltz was performed for the first time in the year 1867. After this it was time for me to learn more about the secrets and the adresses of that city. Now I want to share my knowledge with curious fans of Vienna and those that want to become ones. Believe me, this unique city ensures surprises for the visitors. Or do you know, where Antonio Vivaldi lived in his last years, and where he was buried?

Clemens Mosch: The city of Vienna is a myth. An imperial city, the city of music, the city of psychoanalysis and also a place of literature and science. Vienna has always been a point of intersection of the different cultural influences and still is so today. Can there anything be added? I think so. There are plenty of hardly known places in Vienna, which are worth having a look at them and listening to their stories. As a historian, I let my passion run wild, a passion I would like to share with you.

Elisabeth Jonasch-Preyer: Vienna is a full of breathtaking architecture with a long tradition and history, that you can feel everywhere. Visit St. Stephen´s Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace, one of the narrow streets or the classic coffeehouse: In all these places far-ranging political decisions were taken, memorable lives were lived or strange things happened. Come along with me and discover the Viennese way of life: Telling stories and history is an enchanting way to breathe new life into the historical sites of Vienna.

Katharina Trost: "Vienna waits for you" - this rather unknown song by Billy Joel could be your motto! My birthplace offers such a huge variety of attractions - music, the rich Habsburg heritage, culture and culinary delights at every corner. Discover Vienna with an insider, visit places and hear stories that you would not find in any guide book. And in the end I guarantee: You will fall in love with this city and surely want to come back.

Susanne Koch: Vienna has a lot of amazing facts. You may rediscover the city always from anew. I am always happy to bring this wonderful city closer to Viennese people or international guests. My special emphasis is laying in the Viennese viniculture, which is very much connected to the city’s history. Viennese wine helped to build cathedrals and to win battles. Try with me the various noble wines from Vienna and its surroundings!

Alexandre Zykov: I am Russian and have been living in Vienna for more than 20 years. I admire the city, its richness and history in architecture, painting and music. Vienna fascinates me that much that I decided to share these impressions with my countrymen. That´s why I became a tourist guide 

Patricia Grabmayr: I love Vienna from the bottom of my heart with its countless stories, legends and mysteries eyeryehere. The witnesses and memories of the history of three thousand years are to be discovered at every step. And above all the historic past, Vienna today is a city full of art, music and culinaric highlights - Vienna has the highest quality of living of all cities in the world. Let me show you the details behind the facade.

Lisa Maria Koark: "The world is a book. Those who do not travel read only page, a chapter of Vienna". It´s because of those wise words of St. Augustine I went on a short trip to Vienna and got struck by its beauty and numerous secrets. Since then I live in Vienna and consider myself Viennese by choice and I´m eager to get to the bottom of the famous Viennese charme and its one-of-a-kind life style. It would be a pleasure to share those discoveries and to invite you to read with me pages in the chapter Vienna.

Tina Junghans: Already as a child I was fascinated by the beautiful buildings, hidden courts, mysterious tales of Vienna and historical heritage of the Vienna Woods. My interest in travelling and my curiosity in get to know other countries and cultures took me to many different parts of the world. But my favorite place in the world remains Vienna. Let me share my love and passion for this city with you. Even though you might have visited Vienna previously, I will show you new, beautiful, hidden places and you will experience the city like never before.

Lukas HusaNo matter how often you have already visited Vienna or if you even grew up here, there are always new and unknown discoveries to be made. The picturesque small streets of the historic city center with their quiet backyards, the museums loved by locals and visitors alike, or the parks that make Vienna one of the greenest cities in the world: this city is an attraction itself. And what about the anecdotes and the gossip? The Habsburgs and their love affairs? Beethoven’s 80 plus flats? The Danube Waltz composed by someone who could not dance a step himself? Join me, I will tell you more.



Uta Minnich: Vienna offers something to everybody. Let inspire you and accompany me to "Pawlatschen"-houses and hidden places aside the busy roads. Wherever you walk in the city you may feel the former Habsburg Monarchy. That is what you should discover! Maria Theresia, Sisi and Johann Strauss are still around in history and anecdots. Vienna has always been a melting pot of nations: music and the Viennese cuisine proof it. Did you know that whether the Schnitzel, nor the Goulash nor the Applestrudle are originally Viennese?

Anna Lepilina: I was born in snowy Russia but love has brought me to Vienna. This city has captured my heart – I love its coziness and imperial splendour, its exciting history, charm and culinary delicacies. And there’s always something new to discover in Vienna! My motto is: knowledge meets entertainment. Explore my favourite city with me and learn more about its past and present, its famous inhabitants – and those you’ve probably never heard of. Discover with me the secrets and highlights of Vienna!

Brigitta Kenscha-Mauthner: Music, theatre, literature together with arts and culture - that is viennese lifestyle for me. Even after many years in Vienna there´s always something new to discover - e.g. art in the street or new items in numerous museums: Which secrets are hidden in paintings? How could adventurers discover new countries and what did they bring along? Which artworks and treasury belonged to famous owners? Is it possible that the whole world slots into one stage? Can you compose by chance? Let´s start our expedition together!

Christine Grivas: Schönbrunn and the imperial Palace - absolutely! Klimt and art nouveau - indispendable! Coffee houses and wines - definitely! Mozart and Beethoven - by all means! St. Stephen´s cathedral and the giant ferris wheel - for sure! But Vienna is not a museum, "which has not changed since 100 years except the emperor does not come anymore" (Fritz Molden). Discover with me the traditions, but also a modern, trendy and innovative city - also willingly by bike.