Visits to museums and churches

M1 - Schönbrunn Palace 

is the most-visited tourist attraction of Austria. We follow the traces of Maria Theresia, Francis Joseph and Sisi and of Napoleon II and admire the magnificent interior of the palace.

M2 - Museum of Fine Art 

shows the collector´s instinct of the Habsburgs. We will look at the masterpieces of Raffael, Tizian, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck, Breughel and Durer.

M3 - Imperial Treasury 

leads you into a world of crowns, jewels and state robes of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire. You will hear about the Order of the Golden Fleece and Napoleon´s connection with the Austrian Empire.

M4 - Sisi-Museum & Imperial Appartments 

revive the life and death of the popular empress and let you experience the world of imperial ceremonies and style of living.

M5 - Mozart Mansion 

is the lately renovated Carmesina house, one of the 13 appartments in which Mozart lived for the greater part of his 10-year-stay in Vienna. This visit can be combined with the city-walk "Mozart´s traces in Vienna" to get a half day program.

M6 - National library and globe-museum 

combines the state hall of the National library, which is one of the most beautiful interiors in Austria, with the world´s most important collection of globes. About Coronelli and globes of the earth and the sky.

M7 - Imperial Silver Collection 

shows you precious state services and wonderful table-centre pieces. You will be introduced to the dining and drinking culture of the imperial court and will hear a lot about the work behind the scenes.

M8 - Liechtenstein Museum 

is among the world´s most impressive private collections of Art. In an unique baroque ambience we will look at the masterpieces of Rubens and Adrian de Fries and the world´s most expensive piece of furniture.

M9 - Leopold Museum 

is a tremendous Art-experience, showing masterpieces of the 19th and 20th centuries, painted by Egger-Lienz, Kokoschka and above all by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

M10 - Imperial Vaults 

is the tomb of the Habsburgs. We travel in time and pass the different emperors and their sepulcres, of which some of them are of outstanding quality world-wide.

M11 - Belvedere Palace 

houses the Austrian Gallery with pieces of the periods of Classicism, Realism, Biedermeier and the extensive collection of the works of Kokoschka and Klimt.

M12 - St. Stephen´s Cathedral 

is the most important gothic medieval church in the German-speaking area, an enormous rich furnished church, and a very special Symbol of Austria.